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Commonly prescribed medications linked to depression

Researches at the University of Illinois released a study suggesting over one-third of Americans use prescription medication linked to depression or increased risk of suicide. Many of the prescribed medications aren’t related to depression, leaving both doctors and patients in the dark about potential side effects.

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Effective stroke treatments continue to be explored

UCLA scientists developed a gel infused with growth stimulating, and inflammation suppressing, molecules that was injected directly into the stroke affected areas. More than three months later neural networks had formed and brain tissue had regenerated, resulting in improved motor function.

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Scientists discover the mechanism of P53 in preventing cancer

Within our body the P53 gene plays a role in regulating cell death, tumor suppression, cell cycle regulation and preventing cell division when DNA has become damaged. Just this week a group of scientists from Melbourne have discovered the mechanism in which P53 prevents the development of cancer. Discovering exactly how the process works can potentially aid doctors in identifying patients who have an elevated risk of certain forms of cancer, along with the potential for safer and more effective forms of treatment.

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Exercise for the Elderly

Benefits of exercise on the aging mind and body

An article from Business Insider has been published exploring the benefits of exercise on the aging body and mind, including different ways multiple exercises can be easily implemented in any lifestyle regardless of experience. Anaerobic and aerobic exercise are beneficial to young people but have been shown to be especially so as we age, helping […]

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