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Address: 3882 Mall Road Lexington Kentucky 40503

As a Wellness Professional, my interest is in giving you the client, the resources and support you need to achieve your health and wellness goals. No two people have the same goals, so no two sessions are the same. I love my job!

The role I play as a member of the Kentucky Association of Wellness Professionals could best be described as a facilitator. My job is to explore your habits, lifestyle choices and demands on your lifestyle, to help YOU make the best choices. I could tell you, do this and follow that, and consider my time well-spent outlining a program for you; but I prefer to facilitate your arriving at your own conclusions about choices, empowerment and control. What habits will you give up? What diet choices will you modify? What goal will you set to reach up to? As your hired Wellness Professional, you will spend very little time with me compared to all the time you will be acting independently and making your own choices regarding your health. My goal is to set you up to succeed. My goal is to help you progress to the point of ownership, that is owning the goals you set AND the body you now inhabit.

By putting control back in your hands regarding compliance with a program we will come up with together, I have found I have a much better success rate the less I tell people what to do, and the more I listen to people tell me what they are going to do. The better able you are to set reachable goals during a session with me, the better able you are to achieve them. My goal during the time we spend together is to help you clarify and identify what those goals are.

There are no right or wrong choices, per se, there are only Good, Better, and Best Choices for you. What supports your health, and what tears it down? What gives you energy and what takes it away? (That’s called stress.) By reducing stress and increasing feelings of pleasure and happiness from achieving personal wellness goals, being healthy becomes a self-perpetuating cycle. Start a circle of wellness personally and watch it expand to include those around you.

Besides offering Initial Consultations for free, services I offer at Wrap Me include Body Wraps to relax, restore and rejuvenate you. Choices include Herbal Cream Detoxifying and Contouring Wraps; CBD Oil Infused Wraps; and Intense Hydration Moisturizing Wraps. These spa treatments work from the outside in and bring a detoxification benefit using your body’s largest eliminative organ, your skin. Many clients chose to begin an herbal detox program at the start of a get-healthy effort, even before they have a wrap. A good result from either our 7-day, 10-day or 2-week take home Detox Kit is to drop a few pounds. (You didn’t want those toxins anyway.) Then when the kit is completed, and the detox pathways are getting clear with the program, it’s a good time to come in for a body wrap to tighten and tone the appearance of the skin. Healthy holistic living is supported by working both from the inside out with a take-home herbal program, and from the outside in with an herbal body wrap.

Of course, some clients want to come in at the beginning of a get-healthy effort and get a body wrap first thing, enjoying the kick-start feeling of seeing their body contoured and toned, slimmed and tightened. Your results will vary, but many clients lose between 4- and 14-inches with each contouring wrap treatment. These inches don’t come back as in a temporary water-weight-loss wrap treatment that dehydrates the body, causing weight loss through sweating. Herbal body wraps offered at Wrap Me have the entirely opposite effect, leaving the skin silky soft and smooth and super-hydrated. Many clients enjoy an uptick in energy, too, due to the detoxification effect of this spa treatment. And of course, I always advocate including a digital detox component to your spa time with me—checking out for just a little while as you get nurtured and cocooned in your body wrap treatment. Never fails—those texts and messages just wait on you until you can get back to them.

Take some time for yourself, and enjoy our services offered at Wrap Me such as our Body wraps mentioned above, Full-body Exfoliations, Detox Foot Baths, Red Light Therapy Facials,

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy) Stone Mat Sessions featuring VRL Visible Red-Light Therapy, IR Infrared Heat and Light, and the healing power of Amethyst, Jade, & Tourmaline; and Balance Me Sessions incorporating Bio Magnetic Pairs Therapy. We are located inside the LAC Fitness Club at 3882 Mall Road, hours by appointment and you can request an appointment, submit a question, or learn more about us at

Wrap Me LLC was founded in 2012 following my volunteer work with Excellus, Inc. a non-profit Kentucky Education Corporation I founded in 2006 to further health and wellness among both children and adults throughout Central Kentucky. My training with a Stanford University Program in 2011, featuring Self-Management of Chronic Disease, equipped me with tools such as Action Plan Worksheets, Coping Tools for our Toolboxes, and strategies for stress-reduction and emotional well-being. I enjoy extensive and on-going training with the M’lis Company, out of Salt Lake City, a 35-year old corporation that I started my body wrapping spa with in 2012. After discovering the answer for my new health concerns in 2013 which pointed up to my having Lyme Disease, I began an affiliation and training with DesBio, also out of Salt Lake City, a holistic-health company offering among other things, homeopathic dilutions to address challenges such as Borellia, Babesia, Candida, clostridium Difficile, EBV, Herpes, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc.… Both companies share the same philosophy: It’s all about the DETOX.

Come in to Wrap Me, schedule an initial free consultation with me at your earliest convenience and let’s talk about how the services and products we offer can assist you in the journey to your personal wellness. My availability is 7 days a week, but you must call to schedule your own personal appointment. I look forward to meeting with you then!