Sheila Kalas

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Address: 831 National Ave Lexington Kentucky 40502

Sheila Kalas is the owner of Fitness Plus, a personal training studio located in Lexington, where she and many of her trainers share an athletic background. Sheila received a basketball scholarship to attend college, but after graduating found herself transitioning into a professional triathlete and a semi-professional in women's golf. An attendant of University of Kentucky for graduate studies, Sheila received a master's degree in exercise physiology. Past experiences in athletics combined with her knowledge of exercise helped her open Fitness Plus in 1995. Even now Sheila continues to train regularly with what she calls functional training, a form of exercise that focuses on maintaining the body as people age through functional, practical movements. Sheila has been a personal trainer since 1989, a published writer, speaker as well as a certified Strong Over 50 trainer.