Business Development / Financing

The professionals of the KAWP are experts in developing wellness businesses. The founders of the KAWP have developed several successful businesses over the past 15 years.  Currently the founding members of the KAWP have personal training studios that generate nearly a million dollars in gross annual revenue and physical therapy clinics that are generating in excess of two million dollars a year.  Do you want to be this successful?  If so, it starts with joining the KAWP and asking us to help you.  This is one of the main reasons the KAWP exists and we want help the next generation of wellness professionals!

If you are new to the KAWP and are considering building your own wellness business then let the KAWP be your guide.  Why waste countless hour s trying to figure out the best strategies for building your business when all you have to do is allow the professionals at the KAWP to guide you and give you the best chance for success.  The KAWP professionals have been in the wellness industry for over 15 years each and have built solid businesses on fundamental principles.  The wellness industry is like no other and many mistakes can be made initially that can doom a business to failure, or they can be avoided with our guidance and a thriving business can be built.

Whether you are building a personal training studio, a physical therapy clinic, a hybrid of both or any other type of wellness business we can help.  Just give us a call and we will arrange a meeting to discuss how the KAWP can help build your wellness business.

Some of the areas the KAWP will be able to assist you are:


The KAWP professionals have been in the wellness industry for many years and along with their experience they have developed many business relationships with people who are willing to help the right wellness professionals to get started.  If you need a loan we have a relationship with a bank that is familiar with wellness businesses and have made loans to people starting these types of businesses.  The KAWP would be happy to personally introduce you to this bank.  They have branches throughout Kentucky so it does not matter where you facility will be located.

Perhaps you need unconventional financing.  Come talk to the KAWP and we may be able to partner with you on your new project and assist you with private funds.  We will be happy to meet with you to discuss your project to determine if it meets our criteria to partner with you.  If it does then we can work out an arrangement where the KAWP will help you get started.

Equipment leasing:

Over the years the KAWP has acquired many things that are necessary to start a wellness business.  We have surplus equipment, like office furniture and office machines, to fitness equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and even physical therapy equipment like ultrasound units and treatment tables.  We can work it out so that you can lease this equipment right from us at a much lower rate than anywhere else and we will even help you maintain it!  Then when you are ready to buy we will introduce you to our friends in the fitness equipment sales business and help you get deep discounts.

Billing Service:

If you are either new to the wellness business or business in general then you need to know that getting a cash flow started is the most important aspect of success.  It is hard to start a new business and handle all of your administrative responsibilities, but it must be done both quickly and efficiently.  Well while you are busy building your business let the KAWP handle these administrative tasks.  Let the KAWP handle your billing and accounting issues.  We know how to get invoices to your clients quickly so you can get the money back you need to run your business.

When it is time to do your taxes we already know how the tax laws apply to wellness businesses so you will not have to waste time figuring all of the tax laws out yourself.


Let the professionals help you get the word out about your new wellness business.  We know what marketing works and what does not and this advice alone will save you thousands of dollars.  We have marketing professionals that work closely with the KAWP and they are ready to help you get started.

Do you need a website presence?  Let the KAWP help you set up a site and link it to our main page for more exposure to your potential customers.  For as little as 25.00 per month the KAWP can host your web page, register your domain name and build you a site.

Site selection and build-out:

The members of KAWP have built many personal training studios, physical therapy clinics and other wellness related facilities.  We know the areas that tend to work best for these facilities and can assist you in finding the right locations for your new facilities.

Since we have experience in building these facilities we can save you time and money with the fit up of your facility.  Everything from the equipment you need to purchase for your facility down to the computers and audio/ video equipment.  Since we have worked with these contractors before we will be able to get large discounts for our KAWP members!

Proprietary Products

Another reason to join the KAWP is to have access to our proprietary products and services.  The KAWP has partnered with a local lab and we have access to many services that requires a doctor’s order to get.  For example we can get a client’s blood profile including hormone levels, adrenal fatigue testing, and other types of lab work.  Please don’t misunderstand we are not practicing medicine nor do I want anyone to think about circumventing a doctor but some people would like to have information and do not like the hassle of getting an order.  We can have the blood drawn by a licensed phlebotomist at your location or we can make an appointment at the lab.  Eventually we will be able to offer pick up services to some areas.  This will be a tremendous advantage that you will be able to offer your clients in accessing a beginning profile and a follow up profile.  We are all accustomed to having people re-access their weights, body fat percentage, and subjectively asking if they feel better, but to be able to have real diagnostic evidence to back up the other results is very powerful.

Qualified Candidates for Hire

Another huge hurdle for your new business to clear will be finding qualified people to work in your new wellness facility.  Again the KAWP will be very valuable to you in this process when it becomes necessary to hire professionals.  In the members only section of our site you will be able to post job openings and know that only the best and most qualified people will see these openings and you will also be able to see other peoples resumes in the same section.  Student members will also be able to post in this area and you will be able to select from the best our institutions of higher learning and have confidence that only students from the best accredited programs will be allowed to post in this section.

These are just some of the ways the KAWP can assist you in your wellness business so call us today and together we can get started on your next project!