About KAWP

Our Mission

The Kentucky Association of Wellness Professionals mission is to increase the professional success and personal satisfaction of all wellness professionals; to help them grow personally and professionally; to act as a professional co-op, providing advertising and marketing opportunities for all members; to provide the community greater access to wellness services via public programs and to be a safe, reliable source of wellness professionals by holding our members to a threshold of minimum professional standards.

Our History

KAWP was formed in 2011 by Kelly Cecil and Sheila Kalas. Both Kelly and Sheila have been wellness professionals for 20+ years both as personal trainers and business owners of various wellness based businesses. With no professional license requirements for personal trainers, Kelly and Sheila identified a need for an organization that would set minimum standards for personal trainers. Upon further thought, Kelly and Sheila identified the need to increase the networking, communication, marketing, and education for all wellness professionals in the state of Kentucky and decided to expand the concept of their organization; KAWP was born. Kelly and Sheila knew that professional massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, coaches, etc. did have state and national professional organizations that were specific to their disciplines, however, there was not an organization or association that provided the opportunity to interact with professionals outside their discipline. KAWP provides this opportunity. Kelly and Sheila believe that the unique design and concept of KAWP will allow for all of its members to experience greater professional success and personal career satisfaction. We are committed to our mission of bringing the best of Kentucky wellness together for the greater good of all.

Our Commitment to Professionals and our Community

KAWP is committed to providing opportunities to both wellness professionals and the community at large. For professionals, KAWP will act as a professional co-op for its members; a portion of membership fees are designated for statewide advertising and marketing for all wellness disciplines.  Kelly and Sheila also believe that KAWP is the best voice for wellness professionals in our local and state government; KAWP membership fees will be used to represent and protect the needs of our professions. For the community, KAWP is committed to improving the health and wellness of all Kentuckians. A portion of membership fees will be used to provide free screenings, activities and education for the general public. KAWP is also committed to providing safe, reliable access to qualified wellness professionals. This will be provided through our online data base of qualified professionals. This data base will be accessible and open to the public.

Wellness for People with Disabilities

Kentucky Association of Wellness Professionals is dedicated to providing updated information for practitioners serving clients with disabilities.